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Design and Mould Construction

You have the idea and the practical application.
We can help you in the design of the form and the function.

We use the very latest production technology in our mould construction to make your ideas reality. In addition to the creation of injection moulds and the subsequent production of the articles, we also offer all of the services you expect from a cutting-edge mould manufacturer:

„Our philosophy of mould construction for plastic injection moulding“

Today, one can no longer overlook the diversity of the plastics and their properties if the objective is to produce new products affordably and efficiently. Alone the allegedly high costs associated with tool-making keep some developers from going down this path.

Peco has developed a new concept in which standard in-house moulds are designed to be used in different sizes. Tool inserts coinciding with the specific customer’s needs are integrated inside these standard moulds, from which the moulded parts are then created in our injection moulding production. Since the standard structures including the periphery are Peco property, the only costs generated for the potential customer are the costs of contouring the raw tool insert.

This generates savings of up to 70% over conventional injection moulding tools!

In this way, simple “Open – Close” moulds can be created quickly and affordably, even for quantities of less than 1,000 units for annual requirements.

Here are a few examples with possible dimensions and the associated tool costs:

Should you require larger dimensions or if you have special wishes, don’t hesitate to consult with us about your project.

A dimensioned drawing or ideally a 3-D dataset and the specification of the material you want are sufficient for us to make you a firm offer. We would also be pleased to advise you.

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